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Method Πληρωμής

For the convenience and service of our online store customers, diana-skordas.gr has the following alternative payment methods:

1. Deposit to a Bank Account

Below you can see the list of bank accounts and there you can choose who facilitates the deposit of the final amount of your order. For the best service, please provide the bank with your Name and Order Number as justification. After your transaction, please send the proof of deposit to us by email, fax or notify us by phone.


ΙΒΑΝ: GR03 0172 2500 0052 5006 3529 057


Account: 5250-063529-057


ΙΒΑΝ: GR1302603850000960200196930


Account: 0026 0385 96 0200196930

National Bank

IBAN: GR16 0110 7640 0000 7645 0404 777

Account: 764/504047-77




2. Via Credit Card

By choosing to pay by credit card, the following procedure is followed:
The customer is transported through secure connection with encryption in the partner bank's environment, where he enters his credit, debit or prepaid card details. The card is charged with the amount corresponding to the total purchase made, shipping and payment costs. The above process is completely secure and at no stage are your card details disclosed to us or any third party (except the bank that is authorized to process online transactions).


Issuance of invoice details

At diana-skordas.gr you are given the opportunity to choose whether a retail receipt or an invoice will be issued for your order. Invoices are issued to companies and self-employed professionals, as long as they fill in the following information during their order: company name, address, telephone number, VAT number, D.O.Y. and company status or occupation for freelancers.

Prices of products sold

The prices of the products are indicated with VAT. for your convenience.

These prices refer to the quantities available in our warehouse, while diana-skordas.gr reserves the right to adjust the prices.

However, for some areas of Greece for which reduced VAT rates apply, the prices of the products are lower than those listed, according to the reduced rate. So if you have a business headquarters in such an area, and an invoice is cut in it, then you will pay less money and we will calculate the final amount of (reduced) VAT. which you will be charged after placing your order. Even if your purchase is made by credit card, then we will deduct the above difference from the reserved amount for your order.

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