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Its superior quality, high combustion efficiency, installation flexibility and proven reliability pellet boiler DSP are the features that will bring you comfort, safety and savings in heating costs.


The Greek-made DSP pellet boilers with automatic advance, now with a new design, are the new proposal for reliable and economical heating.

The operation of the pellet boiler is constantly adapted to the needs of your home or workplace, reducing fuel consumption and achieving greater economy since it has an integrated external temperature compensation system.

Sophisticated software in the control unit is programmed for automatic and analog operation, varying the combustion continuously.


The built-in large fuel tank provides weekly fuel range comfort. It includes a special scheduling function that allows you to schedule its operation for the whole week.


All the materials used for the construction of the boiler are completely environmentally friendly.


Certified materials, correct design based on heat dissipation points, welding methods, design and calculation as well as certified automatic material handling processes ensure a long boiler life.


The DIANA-SKORDAS DSP boiler has a built-in electronic operation center that offers fully automated ignition and management of all combustion functions according to the actual need for heat production.


The heat exchanger with integrated fuel turbines is designed to efficiently transfer heat to the water.

It has a large and easily accessible ash cleaning chamber offering comfort in its cleaning and maintenance. 

The combustion vessel is made of special, high-temperature heat-resistant steel for extra durability.

The automatic regulation of the operation guarantees high combustion efficiency and low exhaust gas emissions.


All Diana – Skordas models come with 5 year guarantee of good operation.


Rated output power: 100kw
Boiler classification according to EN303-5: class 5
Type of combustion air supply: forced extraction of exhaust gases by means of a fan at the exit of the chimney and forced supply of combustion air
Maximum working pressure: 3bar
Fuel type: Pellet – C1
Chimney draft: -0,05-0,05 bar
Weight: 332 kg
Dimensions: 1050 Length×1370 Height×1550 Width
Pellet tank capacity: 150kg
Exhaust outlet: ≥80 mm
Dimensions of supply/return water supply: 1 1/4 inch
Water capacity: 90 liter
Exhaust temperature: -rated power: 105ºC

DSP pellet boilers of Greek manufacture

  • They are five-pass boilers.
  • They have low exhaust gas output.
  • They carry exhaust gas suction ventilators.
  • They allow easy cleaning.

DSP pellet boilers of Greek manufacture, have an Electronic Instrument Panel with:

  • Advanced software
  • Possibility to set operating hours.
  • Possibility to connect with a SIM card.
  • Automatic ignition.

Why does our company promote Pellet Boilers?

In our Company we promote heating with wood products because we believe that it has a direct economic and social benefit for our country in general and also for the local economy.

The increased demand for wood pellets (pellets) creates a stronger market for forestry by-products, helping forest owners to offset the costs of their long-term management.

Automated heating with wood products gives peace of mind to forest land owners, reduces heating costs and saves money needed for heating in the area.

It also helps to preserve jobs and reduce gas emissions. No other renewable heating source offers such a wide range of benefits!

Γιατί οι λέβητες πέλλετ διαφερουν από άλλα συστήματα όπως σόμπες πέλλετ ή σόμπες ξύλου;

Automated pellet boilers require minimal hands-on care and maintenance from the owner.

Depending on the size of the building and heat demand, they can run for weeks without intervention!

Also, because these boilers regulate their combustion automatically, they are significantly more efficient and cleaner than other wood heating systems.

What are the main advantages of pellet boilers?

  • Local economic benefits: 78% of the money spent on oil leaves the region, while almost 100% of the money spent on pellets stays here.
    Heating with wood and wood by-products creates – sustains jobs and reduces heating costs, keeping more money in our local communities.
  • Renewable energy sources: Our forests grow more since they are inherently renewable.
  • Fuel cost and stability: Pellets cost about less than oil (40% less). The cost of pellets is much more stable than fossil fuels, making budgeting easier. It is also much more stable in price than fossil fuels, whose price and availability are controlled by global geopolitics.
  • Convenience for consumers: Modern pellet boilers are automatically fed from storage bins and require minimal maintenance.
  • Pollutants: It is known that using heat from wood instead of fossil fuels reduces harmful gases by 50% compared to fossil fuels.
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